Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lost and Found by Ashley Ford

Naima is a succubus, and she is fleeing for her life through heavily wooded terrain when her pursuers are attacked by a large wolf. Bryce, one of her attackers and the group’s leader, escapes and hides out in a nearby barn to recuperate briefly before going after her again. He is hunting Naima to avenge his brother’s death at her hands. The brother had become obsessed with the succubus, kidnapped and held her captive, until she accidentally absorbed his entire life energy when he’d attempted to sexually assault her.

Following the wolf to safety in a secluded cabin, she meets the grief-ridden occupant, a shapeshifter named Gage. He is the wolf and has hidden himself away in the woods suffering from the loss of his mate, Alicia, the year before in a car accident.

The story of Lost and Found is about these two lost people finding each other and healing together. There is instantaneous attraction between the two which both fight making for some nice tension and wonder on the part of the reader – “Will they overcome their problems or not?” The story contains somewhat graphic sexual situations, but I thought they were well done.

This novella is recommended for readers that enjoy paranormal romances, shapeshifter stories, wolf pack tales, and something a little different – a succubus.


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