Friday, November 30, 2012

Suzie and the Monsters: A Fairytale of Blood, Sex and Inhumanity by Francis James Franklin

Suzie and the Monsters: A Fairytale of Blood, Sex and InhumanitySuzie and the Monsters: A Fairytale of Blood, Sex and Inhumanity by Francis James Franklin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Where the vampire is NOT the only monster in town!

Sexy, erotic, loving, exciting, capable, and dangerous – Suzie Kew is all these things. A modern-day vampire, Suzie travels the path of her immortal life without the kinship of other vampires. There are no relationships with any other vampires nor word or knowledge that others like her even exist. She is on her own century after century. There are no sparkles, no coffins, some extra-strength and speed, and she likes wine, women, and the smell of coffee.

Created without her consent by her husband in early 1500 England, she was Elizabeth Grey, one of Anne Boleyn’s cousins. After the husband’s betrayal and Elizabeth’s subsequent revenge, they part ways – he in custody – never to meet again. Suzie ever remains a 20-something wanderer requiring regular relocation to a new life and new identity. This time she is in London making a living as a contract investigator and part-time stripper/pole dancer.

The author has created a capable and modern female vampire. The plot – finding a missing person – cleverly takes us to some great and seedy locations and introduces interesting and believable supporting characters. I thought having her working as a stripper/pole dancer was a fresh idea and obviously placed her in position for her next meal. Sex is critical and integral to the story (and explicit – so not for the squeamish, although I thought the scenes well done.) And sex is the linking activity to her sources of nourishment – humans and their blood, of course.

The mystery of the missing girl is resolved and some really villainous bad guys - the real monsters of the story - are defeated. The author integrates historical persons, events, and details in Suzie’s past that really added a lot to my enjoyment of the book.

The ending was somewhat of a surprise but I felt it left a nice jumping-off place for possible future adventures for Suzie and her current love and soul mate, Cleo. I look forward to seeing how Cleo develops and where we find Suzie next.

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