Friday, November 01, 2013

Red River - sequel to Kelly Van Hull's Tent City

I want to thank the author for a sneak preview at this very satisfying sequel to Tent City.

Red River follows up on Dani, her family, and her Tent City crew in this series about life after the food chain in the United States is destroyed and the government collapses, and gives us a better idea of what happened, how, and why.

After the first book, I felt really invested in knowing what became of the kids and their families, and to learn more about the back story of the characters.

The author does this for the reader and more. Some great new characters are introduced. Love interests are sorted out and teenage angst plays out (without getting boring or on my nerves anyway!) Interesting new "advancements" appear and grow. Villains come to light that were previously unknown.

This series reminded me a little of the Tomorrow, When the War Began series by John Marsden with the story revolving around teenage survivors, and I really liked the South Dakotan setting a lot.

I look forward to more from Kelly Van Hull!