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Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway: Whisky Hernandez by J.S. Mason

Whisky Hernandez
J.S. Mason

Cozy Mystery
Setting - Martinique
Independently Published
Publication Date: November 25, 2022

Hardcover page count: ‎269 pages
ISBN-13:  979-8364720542

Paperback page count: 269 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8360529972





Martinique. Memories. Murder.

A mystery is abound and the government has called in by special invitation the world’s greatest detective by study and trade, Whisky Hernandez, to help and assist the local police and solve the case fast, making use of her language proficiency in French and Creole. Full-time hygienist and part-time sleuth, this licensed private investigator, daughter of a talented New York and New Jersey former police detective, utilizes the help of her humorous photographer partner to get to the bottom of the mystery that is revealing itself on this island of flowers.

These honest and generous partners of crime-solving are experienced members in obtaining the proof they need to arrive at and protect the truth. Keeping her anxieties and panic attacks in check with the help of her service animal, Whisky is determined to dive into a variety of guilty-looking suspects, analyzing, scrutinizing, and, outsmarting all the ways the villain, the killer, is trying to get away with the clever crime.

Secret undercover work, hidden riddles, challenging puzzles, unique perilous and dangerous situations are all up against Whisky. But along with some banter and comic relief situations with her sidekick partner, our worthy and reliable hero will lead the way and do what it takes to get the job done. With twists, turns, swerves, and contorts, this resolute private investigator plunges into the depths of Martinique, coming up for air in an unforgettable ending.



3 stars!

A fun introduction to a clever, new, cozy mystery series! 

Whisky Hernandez is the first book in J.S. Mason’s new cozy mystery series featuring the clever female private eye of the title, her loyal and glib sidekick, Bass, and an emotional support pig named Vermouth. The story starts out strongly, and through a well-executed investigation, Whisky reveals the perpetrator within the required time limit set by the local police. 

The main character is Whisky Hernandez, a great name for a clever and capable detective in a cozy mystery that sometimes leans toward the noir. There is an interesting explanation for the first name that you’ll need to read the book to discover, though. Suffice it to say, it is understandable and apropos. I had a little trouble warming up to the woman, mainly due to how she blithely and undeservedly jumped the long check-in line at the airport and, frankly, took advantage of the airport staff, but I slowly came around. Her life is still somewhat unknown, even by the end of the book, with lots of room for growth in future adventures, especially with hints dropped here and there about a previous case that went south and a bad blood between her and a sibling. I quite enjoyed the brief appearances by her mother, father, and fiancé and look forward to hearing more about them down the road. Her sidekick, Sebastian “Bass” Von Giano, was fun and always had her back. 

The setting for the murder mystery is the French island of Martinique, and the author does a fantastic job of creating a flower-festooned paradise. I don’t know if the activities, sightseeing opportunities, food, or tourist destinations are real, but I certainly hope they are. The author made this location sound like a great place to visit. 

All the extras aside, the plot is the foundation for everything, and it is intriguing, with many interesting details slipped in along the way to point to some very good suspects. Whisky and Bass methodically interview the potential perpetrators identified by RD, the local police official in charge of the case. They successfully suss out a couple of surprise suspects on their own. I thought RD handled the unwanted reinforcements from the U.S. as well as could be expected. He was upfront about his natural and understandable objections to having these two outsiders foisted on him. I wasn’t too surprised when he and Whisky conducted independent investigations rather than joining resources. I was pleased with the resolution. Underneath a fairly complex setup, the motive for murder turned out to be a common one. 

I read the current version of this book that is for sale on Amazon, and there are quite a few errors in the text that an editor should have corrected: incorrect word choices were by far the most common and included homophone confusion (feint when it should be faint, reign when it should have been rein.) There were a couple of continuity problems (i.e., an interview on one day but referred to as happening on another.) Personally, I had trouble accepting “attack” snakes and the need to drag poor little Vermouth around while investigating. They may be small things, but they added up over the entire novel and ultimately drew me out of the story. Still, this will not stop me from purchasing the next book in the series. 

With its intriguing murder mystery and investigation in the paradise location, I recommend WHISKY HERNANDEZ to cozy mystery readers, especially those who enjoy fun dialogue and observations, tiny pig companions, and exotic island settings.


J.S. Mason is an author of four short story collections and one cozy mystery and has the distinct honor of graduating pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and law school, receiving a diploma from each of the aforementioned education establishments.

Aside from their outstanding excellence within the field of academia, J.S. Mason has quite the records in the athletics department, hitting one triple, bowling one turkey, and scoring three hole-in-ones in a single miniature golf game.

Extending to the performing arts, J.S. Mason has played a sheriff with a past, a pushy prosecuting attorney, and literally a spear carrier, only to hang up their boots/tie/spear because there was too much drama.

Other noteworthy accomplishments of J.S. Mason are that they have a first, middle, and last name.

Impressively, with a background in law enforcement and trial litigation, J.S. Mason always manages to have their shoes tied when they aren't wearing Velcro.

J.S. Mason is most proud that they are referred to in the third person on their bio, as this is always how they refer to themselves.

J.S. Mason is happy with this.

J.S. Mason is satisfied with this.

J.S. Mason is excited to provide more high quality books to their audience and hopes they consume them with the utmost pleasure.

For clarity, in response to what some of their reviewers have said, they are correct - J.S. Mason is in fact an honorary A.I. module from M.I.T.

J.S. Mason hopes for you to have a good day and get through it because it can be hard sometimes.

J.S. Mason looks forward to giving you the experience you deserve.


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Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway: The Pompadour Necklace and Theft in Sleepy Hollow (Sophie's Adventures by Nupur Tustin

The Pompadour Necklace 
Theft in Sleepy Hollow
(Sophie's Adventures)
Nupur Tustin


About The Pompadour Necklace


1st in Series
Setting - London, England
Publisher: Foiled Plots Press
Publication Date: March 14, 2023
Paperback page count: 60 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8867178499 / Digital ASIN: B0BXVJD465


The necklace had once belonged to Madame Pompadour—mistress of the French King Louis XV.

Now it’s gone. Stolen by a clever conman. And it will take every ounce of determination and ingenuity a young woman possesses to recover it.

But can a mere girl from Calais outwit a practiced fraudster?



5 stars!

A young woman goes undercover to track down a thief and an heirloom necklace.

The Pompadour Necklace, a short, cozy mystery by author Nupur Tustin, follows a young amateur detective as she investigates a suspected thief, hoping to recover a stolen necklace with an infamous past. Going by the alias Sophie Fisher, Sophie goes undercover to get close to the man she suspects has absconded with the famous Pompadour Necklace from heiress Jeanne Poisson. 

While short, the story still contains all the elements for a good mystery: an intrepid and determined amateur sleuth, a suspicious and smarmy suspect, a naïve and innocent victim, and a missing family treasure. The writing was easy to read and immediately engaged me in Sophie’s mission. There is even a fun and interesting twist when all is revealed. 

I recommend THE POMPADOUR NECKLACE to cozy mystery readers.

About Theft in Sleepy Hollow


2nd in Series
Setting - New York
Publisher: Foiled Plots Press
Publication Date: November 25, 2023
Digital Print length: 101 pages


In Sleepy Hollow, a Monet is in danger of being spirited away. . .

But undercover art sleuth Sophie Fisher—also known as Jeanne Sophie Poisson— is on the trail of the brazen art thief.

From a Hudson River Cruise to Cold Spring to a spooky lantern-light tour of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sophie will do what it takes to capture the thief . . .

And prevent him from spiriting away a valuable work of art.

 | Amazon | B&N | Nook | Kobo | Apple | Other |



5 stars!

Sophie returns in an adventurous new investigation in the U.S. 

Theft in Sleepy Hollow is the second book in author Nupur Tustin’s bite-sized cozy mystery series, Sophie’s Adventures, and it may even be better than the first. Sophie returns and teams up once again with Uncle Arthur (Detective Superintendent Ben Norris) to track down an art thief. 

This time, the pair are in hot pursuit of who they believe is a serial art thief. I liked that Sophie was asked to participate in the investigation because she had done so well undercover in her first adventure, and this time, she is clearly a member of an investigative team with DS Norris. The author starts the story off in a somewhat lighter vein. Sophie is preparing for a Paris vacation with a gal pal, and her plans with Nicole are fun. I was drawn right into Sophie’s life, learning a little bit more about her in this second outing. Once again, the investigation is fast-paced, with enough changes in direction to keep it interesting. 

I recommend THEFT IN SLEEPY HOLLOW to cozy mystery readers.


A former journalist, Nupur Tustin is the author of the Joseph Haydn Mysteries set in Austria, the Celine Skye Psychic Mysteries, based on the infamous Gardner Museum theft, and the author of Sophie’s Adventures, about a French James Bond who goes on undercover missions to recover stolen art and artifacts. 

| Website | Blog | Shop |


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Saturday, December 16, 2023

Book Tour: Everything is Temporary by Jon Cohn

Christmas Horror
Date Published: November 2, 2023
Publisher: Deadbolt Books

How well do we really know the people sleeping next to us in bed at night?

After a tragedy strikes the Barnes family, Sarah's husband Tom begins acting strangely. It starts with wild mood-shifts and accusations at their thirteen-year-old daughter, but quickly escalates to the attempted murder of an off-season mall Santa. From what Sarah can tell, Tom's only motive seems to lie behind a mysterious hatred for Christmas that burns year-round. What's worse, Tom's only defense lies in a long-forgotten book he wrote detailing a traumatic event in his childhood that seems too far-fetched to be believed. His entire case revolves around the notion of talking Christmas trees, a living army of toys, and worst of all, a monster masquerading as Mrs. Claus.

Now, Sarah must go on a journey into her husband's past to learn if Tom is in the midst of a psychotic breakdown, if he's a danger to his family, or if he really is being hunted by the malevolent holiday horror that destroyed his childhood.

Purchase Links 

Amazon | B&N |


Coming soon!


About the Author

Jon Cohn is a writer and professional board game designer based out of San Diego, California. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @joncohnauthor.

He would also love to give you free stuff like stories, audiobooks, and games by signing up for his mailing list at www.joncohnauthor.com.

 Contact Links 

Website | Facebook | Twitter |


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Friday, December 15, 2023

Book Blitz & Giveaway: Porter & Midge: Paw and Playtime by Jennie Chen & Giselle Nevada

Jennie Chen and Giselle Nevada

Children's Picture Book / Pet Care / Dog Training
Series: Porter and Midge series
Publisher: Raise the Woof Press LLC
Page Count: 32 pages
Publication date: December 12, 2023

Scroll down for Giveaway!

Discover the enchanting world of Porter and Midge: Paws and Playtime - a rhyming children's book that follows the heartwarming bond between two furry friends, Mastiff Porter and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Midge, and their devoted companions, CJ and Lora.

On a sunny day, CJ's thoughtful idea sets the stage for a joyful exploration of new ways to make Porter and Midge's days even brighter.

Through rhythmic verses, follow their journey as they uncover imaginative games, canine enrichment activities, and thrilling dog sports, all while strengthening their unbreakable connection.

Giselle Nevada has owned several mastiffs, acquired both from reputable breeders and via rescue. Fostering rescued mastiffs and helping them work through their issues led to a keen interest in socialization as a means of preventing future issues. She loves working with her dogs and has dabbled in carting, conformation, agility, rally, trick dog, nose work, and many other canine sports. Her puppy Porter is a testament to early socialization - he has achieved many performance dog titles and has done commercial work. He also has a role in a movie called Match Me If You Can directed by Marian Yeager.

Jennie Chen is a homesick Austinite who founded Keep Austin Dog Friendly. Over the last 20 years, Jennie has owned Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Lowchen. She has earned numerous titles in conformation, competitive obedience, rally, herding, animal assisted therapy, and more. She is passionate about the relationship people build with their beloved canines, and she has been an advocate for people living with disabilities who need a service dog to live independently. She is active in various dog clubs and can be seen on AKC.TV from time to time.

Pawtographed hardcover copy of Porter and Midge: Paws for Safety
+ a series water bottle
(US only; ends midnight, CST, 12/21/2023)



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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Blood and Shadows (Lucius Sestius Mystery, #3) by Fiona Forsyth

Blood and Shadows (Lucius Sestius Mysteries #3)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? BLOOD AND SHADOWS will have you thinking about it a lot.
Lucius Sestius, after his deadly encounters with conspiracy and the Ides of March, has been driven from Rome by his allegiance to Caesar’s murderers. He has seen his commanders die on the battlefield, and now he and his friends must rebuild their lives, burdened by defeat and grief.
In exile on Sicily, Lucius investigates the mysterious murder of a soldier, just as peace negotiations between Antony, Octavian and the rebel Sextus Pompey are being planned.
When another murder threatens the negotiations, Lucius is ordered to make enquiries and provide a convenient explanation. Realising this is his only path to freedom, he returns to Rome knowing that a murderer has gone free.

Back home, the murder of the veteran centurion Crastinus leads Lucius to the terrible suspicion that one of his friends is responsible, and that he himself has allowed this to happen.

Blood and Shadows is the third novel in author Fiona Forsyth’s epic series featuring the Roman Lucius Sestius, and it definitively brings an emotional closure to this wonderfully satisfying historical mystery trilogy. Book three focuses on Lucius’s experiences after he survives the devastating battle between opposing Roman armies at Philippi, an event that changed him and Rome forever.

The author’s writing is strong in many areas, and one, in particular, is character development. She especially has her craft completely in hand as she depicts Lucius’s changes over three novels. Lucius grew to manhood as a privileged son in a senatorial family and was destined to serve the Republic and lead if chosen. His esteemed father taught him to always act with honor and do what’s right for the people of Rome. Still, Lucius is ultimately disappointed to discover that not all his peers or even Julius Caesar himself are willing to do the same. When Caesar is assassinated, Lucius sides with Brutus and Cassius and is present at their army’s defeat at Philippi. Although he survives, he is not undamaged; Lucius escapes to Sicily, a changed man. He and his friends, Horace and Marcus, understand they will probably live out their lives separated from family, friends, and homeland, and each must deal with the psychological aftermath of the horrors of their battlefield experiences in their own ways.

Lucius’s anxiety over the murder of the unidentified soldier haunts him throughout the book, and additional murders, committed in a similar fashion, follow him back to Rome after he is pardoned. Tragically, his suspicions shift to his two friends, but his hands are tied as to how to reveal which of them is the murderer.

As with the previous books in the trilogy, the story is studded with historical figures, true events, and the little details of everyday life in ancient Rome that bring these books to life. There is always a mention of some activity, item, or event that sends me to Google to read more about it.

With its endearing main character and wonderfully vivid settings, I recommend BLOOD AND SHADOWS to readers of historical mysteries, especially those interested in ancient Rome (and I understand, according to TikTok, that would be many of you?) and fans of the previous novels.

I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving an Advanced Review Copy from Reedsy Discovery.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Review Tour & Giveaway: The Lost Child by Thomas Grant Bruso

The Lost Child
Thomas Grant Bruso

Contemporary Crime / Thriller
Publisher: NineStar Press
Publication Date: September 26, 2023
Page count: 323 pages



Newspaper reporter Luke Sorenson has recently moved to a new town in upstate New York. Despite the change in scenery, Luke cannot run away from a brutal, harrowing past driven by the death of his only child, Emily.
Soon, Luke is propelled into a dangerous case of child abduction, an eerie reminder of losing his daughter. An eight-year-old boy named Daniel Hadley is kidnapped from his own bedroom and it is Luke, battling his own demons, who is assigned the story of the year.

As pieces of Luke’s mysterious, violent past are revealed, so are the sinister secrets to his daughter’s demise, sending Luke into a tailspin of heavy drinking and self-torment.
The search for Daniel is on, but it may be too late for everyone involved.



He watches her. She is alone.
She is six, maybe seven years old. She is having a picnic in the front yard with her dolls.
The girl’s hair is the color of spun honey. Her eyes, dark brown, innocent, come alive when he hears her talking to one of her plastic dolls.
Her voice is lively, soft, and gentle.
She laughs as the man shifts his footing in the shadowy woods across from her house. A small branch snaps underfoot, the sound of his weight on the thick twig imploding like fireworks.
She looks up from grooming her doll’s hair and stares in his direction. The man creeps behind a leafy spruce tree to hide.
Two vehicles pass along the quiet suburban street. The man stares around the massive tree, watching the young girl.
The sound of her humming to her dolls makes him smile. A splinter of electricity vibrates through his rangy limbs. Something mechanical surges through his veins and up and down his body to his scraggly face.
Trembling, he reaches a gnarled hand out against the thick bark of the tree to balance himself. His head is dizzy. His legs are unsteady.
He knows this feeling. It is familiar, like the blade of a knife skimming the surface of young flesh. Then he hears the sound of scared children panting and crying in the back of his head. He sees their frightened eyes, pleading for their parents, and he smiles.
He slips back into the brush behind the birch tree.
Watching. Waiting.
A dog walker passes two feet away. He skulks back into the coiling shadows so they won’t see him.
He wipes sweat from his neck with the back of his hand.
The man’s identity is almost discovered when the sizeable black lab points its nose toward the dense foliage. The owner tugs on the dog’s leash lightly and starts down the street, around the corner; now, they are out of sight.
The man waits for a second or two until he’s sure they’re gone. He hugs the tree limb and cocks an ear to the sound of the young girl’s mother yelling at her from the brightly lit porch.
“It’s getting dark, Susie. Come inside.”
Sweet little Susie, the cigar-smoking man muses.
Curly-haired Susie. Doll-grooming Susie.
When the time is right, he will be back.

5 stars!

This cleverly plotted, suspense-filled tale kept me riveted to the pages.
The Lost Child is a gem of thrilling crime fiction from veteran author Thomas Grant Bruso, and from page one, the growing suspense had me riveted to its pages. The opening is sinister and creepy, and I was filled with apprehension, knowing that something awful was about to happen.
The story unfolds through two points of view, that of eight-year-old Daniel Thompson Hadley and the adult protagonist of the work, Luke Sorenson. From the start, there is a feeling that Luke may not be the most reliable of narrators. He’s struggling mentally and, consequently, in every aspect of his life. Although, he’s in therapy to help him deal with the aftermath of his young daughter’s death the previous year, he’s teetering on the brink of losing it. He sees his daughter in his dreams and, now, in daytime hallucinations. This character is complex and fascinating. I came for the ‘lost child’ but I was absorbed by Luke.
Young Daniel Hadley is chafing at the restrictions imposed by his cautious, wary, but loving parents as he watches his neighborhood friends play outside later and unsupervised. There’s just something about being eight or so that children start to feel they are grown, and the author captures this feeling and Daniel’s thinking exactly, while maintaining the vulnerability when his circumstances change later.
Bruso has created a mesmerizing story. His writing was easy to fall into and forget about what was going on around me. The premise of a missing child establishes a frantic mindset for me as a parent and the pace of author’s build up to this was superb but agonizing just same. With every page turn, I was waiting for that shoe to drop while becoming more and more invested in the trainwreck that was Luke. The story has some twists that definitely surprised.
Set out a good block of uninterruptible time for this one! I recommend THE LOST CHILD to mystery, crime fiction, and thriller lovers.


Thomas Grant Bruso knew he wanted to be a writer at an early age. He has been a voracious reader of genre fiction since childhood.
His literary inspirations are Ray Bradbury, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Jim Grimsley, Karin Fossum, and Joyce Carol Oates. 

Bruso loves animals, reading books, and writing fiction, and prefers Sudoku to crossword puzzles.

In another life, he was a freelance writer and wrote for magazines and newspapers. In college, he won the Hermon H. Doh Sonnet Competition. Now, he writes and publishes fiction and reviews books for his hometown newspaper, The Press-Republican. 

He lives in upstate New York.


Thomas Grant Bruso will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway: Sniffing Out Murder (Bailey the Bloodhound Mystery, #1) by Kallie E. Benjamin


Sniffing Out Murder
A Bailey the Bloodhound Mystery
Kallie E. Benjamin

Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Setting - Indiana
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: December 5, 2023
Paperback page count: 352 pages
ISBN-10: 0593547357 / ISBN-13: 978-0593547359 / Digital ASIN: B0BXKHGG75




When a murder unleashes a widespread investigation through Crosbyville, children’s book author Pris and her trusty bloodhound, Bailey, must sniff out the truth before the whole town goes to the dogs.

After deciding that life as a teacher wasn’t right for her, Priscilla found inspiration for her first children’s book in her three-year-old bloodhound’s nose for truth, and so The Adventures of Bailey the Bloodhound was born. After the book’s massively pawsitive response led Pris to move back to her hometown of Crosbyville, Indiana, to continue the series, she’s surprised by how things have changed in the town, but even more so how they haven’t.

Pris is frustrated to discover that newly elected school board trustee Whitney Kelley—a former high school mean girl—is intent on making Crosbyville more competitive by eliminating “frivolous spending” on the arts and social programs, including Pris and Bailey’s beloved pet-assisted reading program. A minor altercation between them isn’t anything unusual, but after Bailey sniffs out Whitney’s body in a bed of begonias, locals start hounding Pris and Bailey as suspects for the crime.

With Bailey’s sharp senses and Pris’s hometown know-how, can they prove to the community that they’re all barking up the wrong tree?


Powells | Target | Walmart |



Coming soon!


Kallie E. Benjamin (Valerie Burns) is the author of the Bailey the Bloodhound Mystery series. The first book, Sniffing Out Murder releases on December 5, 2023. Valerie is an Agatha, Anthony, Edgar, and Next Generation Indie Book Award finalist. Writing as V. M. Burns she is the author of the Mystery Bookshop Mystery, Dog Club Mystery, and RJ Franklin Mystery series. Writing as Valerie Burns, she is the author of the Baker Street Mystery series. Valerie is also an adjunct professor in the Writing Popular Fiction Program at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA. Born and raised in northwestern Indiana, Valerie now lives in Northern Georgia with her two poodles.


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