Friday, January 08, 2016

Horizon by Tabitha Lord Took Me Back in Time to ST:TOS!

Derek Markham crash lands his fighter on a previously unknown planet after an attack by a mercenary ship that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Derek is the leader of a fighter squad attached to the space ship, Horizon, who had been sent to set a probe to mark the location of a previously unidentified planet. His crewmate dead and he himself critically injured, he is found and healed by Caeli Crys, a fugitive slave that had faked her own suicide hiding out in the unpopulated wilderness on the planet. Caeli is one of her people’s few survivors after a ruthless attack by a neighboring city’s militia. Together, they escape the planet when Derek’s shipmates return to find out what happened to him.

This was just a darn good story. For me, it had the feel of an early Star Trek novel (The Original Series) which was a plus for me. I liked the settings – Caeli’s home world, Almagest, (the pristine, empty wilderness where she is originally found by Derek, her city, the city of the Amathi). I liked the differences in how the two societies evolved after the destruction of their common founding society. I enjoyed the description of Derek’s ship, Horizon, but wanted to become more familiar with his world and hope that this will be explored in future installments.

There is interesting and fast-paced action throughout from the subjugation of the survivors of the attack on the Novali, their integration into Amathi life, the Amathi rebellion, the unfolding of the attempt of universal domination by the race of beings known as the Drokaran, and the interface with underworld operations on Alliance planets.

I really enjoyed this story from the cover to the final page, and am hoping for a quick arriving sequel to prolong the entertainment.

I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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