Friday, February 09, 2018

The Lone Vigilante (The Government Rain Mysteries series) by L.A. Frederick

The rain changed Reinhardt – for the better. His body, his strength, his senses all improved when touched the rain that constantly soaked the city. But the city of New Hampton was imploding – only no one really understood that yet. Society was crumbling, and the city leaders were clueless (or uncaring). The city infrastructure couldn’t stand up under the influx of more and more homeless or the lawlessness that increased day by day.

The Lone Vigilante is a glimpse into the beginnings of the mysterious protector of what is left of New Hampton (and featured in The Rain) and simply known as Reinhardt. In this side story to The Government Rain Mysteries series by L.A. Frederick, Reinhardt and an old friend test his new-found abilities on a gang of criminals operating out of “The Watchroom” called "The Deadeyes.”

This story and series, although titled “Mysteries,” touches a broad range of reading interests (mystery, urban mystery, mutants, horror, sci-fi, dystopian, urban horror). There is something for almost everyone.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader copy of this book.

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