Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Angel Blue, Episode 2 (Seven Deadly Sins #1) by Jennifer Silverwood

In Angel Blue, Episode 2 of author Jennifer Silverwood’s paranormal series, Seven Deadly Sins, Anu, the last of the House of Eanna and a princess of the “Chosen” has rescued the sexy seeker, Wil, from the redum and certain death and has secreted him away in a human cabin to heal from his wounds. Wil’s sister, Izzie (Isabol) also escapes from the attack and returns to their home base with the shades to report what has happened to their leader, Gabriel. Leaving Wil with the means to get back on his feet and back to his people, Anu returns to the home of Lady Tiamata, the House of Gisnu, where they are awaiting the arrival of Malku, the self-appointed leader of the “Chosen” and the man Anu was betrothed at birth to wed. But Anu is in love with her guardian, Etlu, and the failed attack was only a first skirmish by Gabriel; he has no intention of giving up.

This is a just a downright good story. I enjoy all the characters and I’m really ready to find out what happens next. The writing is excellent, the characters compelling, the plot engrossing, and the episodic nature of the books unfolding has me drumming my fingers … waiting.

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Jennifer Silverwood said...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Angel Blue Ep 2! Always love reading your bookish thoughts! This story was one of the first I started writing over ten years ago. So I've been super excited to bring it fully to life and especially to share it with y'all. :D Happy reading!