Sunday, April 14, 2019

Murder at the Luau (A Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery, #10) by Sandi Scott

This was the 10th outing for the twin Kaye sisters and it was just as fun as the previous nine.

The Kaye sisters, Georgie and Aleta, have been given a trip to Hawaii as a Christmas present by their respective children. Trouble begins from the very start – on the plane to their destination – in the form of a constantly arguing couple, Herb and Dottie Bickerson. Nothing, it seems, is right for the annoying couple but the young tour company rep, Daniel, keeps trying his best.

When the husband mysteriously falls to his death during a luau, Georgie is convinced he was helped off the cliff, and with literally everyone in the tour group having a reason to want the man gone, she has a lot ground to cover before discovering who did it.

Even though one of the charms of this series has been, for me, the Chicago setting, the switch to the 50th state was very entertaining. There are some new and interesting characters to focus on up close and personal because the tour group members are together pretty much 24/7. And this time, because Georgie’s ex, Stan, is not on the trip, he is not there to pull Georgie out of trouble. That duty falls to one of the aforementioned interesting new characters.

Another nice cozy mystery featuring the sisters. I recommend this book (and entire series) to readers that like their mysteries on the cozy side and enjoy having a sleuth of a more mature age.

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