Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sweet As Cherry Pie (Avon Calling! #12) by Hayley Camille

Episode 11 left super Avon lady, Betty Jones, surrounded by a gang of Donny Pinzolo’s hired thugs. She’d been at Adina Sonberg’s home convincing that young lady that protective custody really was necessary for her continued good health and ability to testify on behalf of the government in the near future when she was lured into an alley by one of the thugs. They had no clue what trouble they’d hired on for though. Betty takes care of business but not without attracting some attention from the neighborhood and the officers stationed in front of Adina’s door are sent to investigate leaving it unguarded. Betty, realizing that the attack had been just a distraction to remove the officers, hotfoots it back to Adina’s just in the nick of time to avert the attempt on the lives of the entire Sonberg family.

Back home, life goes on as George prepares to leave on the morrow for his induction training in the war effort. He’s starting to remember bits and pieces of the events leading up to his “accident” that left him with his amnesia. Betty knows that it is going to be traumatic for everyone all around when George regains his memory but for it to happen on the night of his departure would be devastating.

In the meantime, Jacob Lawrence is working long, hard hours to both safeguard his former girlfriend, Adina Sonberg and apprehend the city’s latest threat - “The Boudoir Butcher.” Although, he is still invested in a relationship with her, they are a long way from where they were. He’s committed though and has accepted Betty’s help to protect her and free himself up to pursue the serial killer.

Betty is keeping her ear to the ground and makes a long overdue visit to her clients at Kitty’s Kat House to plug into the gossip of the city’s seedy underbelly. While talking with one of the girls there (Tilly), Betty experiences some frighteningly weird visions that may actually be the thoughts and memories of “The Boudoir Butcher” HERself!

As the latest story about “The Boudoir Butcher” unfolds, readers are treated to the flavor and lingo of 1940s wartime. The author successfully recreates the atmosphere and feel of the time and it just envelops you. We check in on many of the characters from the previous episodes including the ladies of Kitty’s Kat House whose circumstances have upgraded somewhat under the management of Madame Trixie (although it is still just a desperate means of survival during those hard times for these women.)

As this series continues to flourish, it continues to entertain and delight. I highly recommend this entire series.

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