Friday, June 21, 2019

Virtual Insanity by Charlie Dalton

When one of their group of four best friends since primary school decides to get married, Georgie arranges the ultimate stag weekend at a new, high-tech, virtual reality game resort. But when the four friends arrive, doubts about the facility arise – the location is remote and the former military facilities grim and bare bones. However, when the resort staff demonstrates the equipment the four will be using for their adventure, the guys are all back on board and ready for play: the graphics are unbelievably real and the computer interface flawless.

The next morning when they begin their “mission” they are amazed by how real things seem and they successfully complete the first level of the game. But as they forge ahead, the scenario gets trickier and trickier, and the group splits up in order to accomplish a particularly tough task. And we all know … don’t split up…

Virtual Insanity is another great short story by author Charlie Dalton. Mixed in with an interesting plot, the characters are great, and the comradery among the old friends is a lot of fun. As I read I felt more like I was watching a movie. It was very entertaining and I read it in one sitting. I highly recommend this one!

Virtual Insanity is available for Amazon Kindle.

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