Friday, July 05, 2019

Murder at the Wizard-Hero Con (Pet Portraits Mystery #11) by Sandi Scott

When Georgie Kaye completes a gorgeous portrait depicting a new client’s pet boa constrictor, Hercules, the grateful graphic novelist, Beau Hanbaugh, gifts her with two full-access vendor passes to the big, upcoming comic convention. Always ready to live life to the fullest, Georgie grabs her twin sister, Aleta, and immerses herself in the cosplay, vendor booths of the unusual and exotic, and the exclusive evening vendor reception.

During the reception a bearded man is dragged from the convention hall by security when he begins shouting and ranting that one of the more successful graphic novelists, a nasty character by the name of Cole Ness, had stolen his award-winning work from him! Later, after Georgie spies the bearded man sneaking around the reception again, Cole is found bludgeoned to death in his booth. Of course, the local police, led by Georgie’s ex-husband, Detective Stanley Toon, are called in to investigate, and Georgie can’t help but lend a hand.

Once again, this story of the Kaye sisters and Stan is witty and entertaining. The murder mystery is straightforward, and we can agonize along with Georgie over her confused feelings for her ex. With the reappearance of police crime scene photographer, Maggie Hoffentop, as a rival for Stan’s attention, if not affections, things get really interesting. The real mystery here may be what the future holds for Georgie and Stan. I highly recommend this entire series though this could be read alone and still be enjoyed immensely.

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