Monday, October 28, 2019

Hamburger Heist (A Felicia’s Food Truck One Hour Mystery, #2) by Celia Kinsey

Hamburger Heist (Felicia's Food Truck One Hour Cozies Book 2)Hamburger Heist by Celia Kinsey
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While Felicia is at the supermarket trying to order a cake for her partner, Arnie’s, birthday, she gets a frantic call from one of her regular lunchtime customers at her food truck. Arnie and the food truck have just been robbed! Even though the police apprehend someone right away, Felicia is unconvinced they’ve got the right guy. Marge, a local homeless character and another of Felicia’s regulars, claims the man they picked up was with her all day and the money he had on him was from his recently-cashed disability check.

Felicia covers a lot of territory in this short mystery which is the second in the new series, A Felicia’s Food Truck One Hour Mystery, by author Celia Kinsey. This author offers up several, all quite plausible, suspects for the robbery, and just as quickly has Felicia run down clues and mark them off her list (we only have an hour you know!) until we have a perfectly believable solution. I recommend this short story for cozy mystery lovers, food truck enthusiasts, and those readers that need a little fun nugget to pass some time, and still get a solid mystery and resolution.

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