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Zombie City (Death Squad, #1) by Charlie Dalton

Zombie City (Death Squad Book 1)Zombie City by Charlie Dalton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The deadly virus spread through the city of Austin like wildfire catching everyone off-guard and by surprise. The biggest surprise was that those infected by the virus died and turned into flesh-eating, blood-drinking zombies. The most unexpected aspect though was that the virus was released on purpose.

As chaos and destruction erupted, the military went into action and erected a giant wall around the entire city, dropping it huge section by huge section into place with helicopters and effectively quarantining all that were within. Those inside the now walled city were left to hide out from their infected family, friends, and neighbors and fend for themselves as the government worked to contain the virus to this one location and find a solution. Then “The Walkers” were discovered.

Some of the infected didn’t turn into mindless, ravenous monsters. When they died and reanimated, they retained their ability to think rationally and the zombies seemed to leave them alone, somehow knowing they, too, were the walking dead. Among “The Walkers” is Sergeant Thomas “Tommy” Watts. He’d lost his entire squad in an ambush by zombies in the city but had ‘survived’ his own demise. When the military command determines that there is a living, breathing person or persons unknown behind the virus – one that was actively working to release the virus outside the walled city and infect the rest of the country – they enlist Tommy and four other ‘Walkers’ to return to the interior of the city to find and stop them.

Zombie City is the first book in the Death Squad, a new post-apocalyptic series by author Charlie Dalton. I found it full of action, horror, and a number of engaging characters. I liked that the setting was supposed to be Austin where the city motto is “Keep Austin Weird.” Okay! There are still a number of mysteries in the story yet to be resolved at the close of this book so be prepared for not having all your questions answered. I really enjoy these end-of-the-world, zombie stories and look forward to more in the series.

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