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Book Blast & Giveaway: Titanian Warrior (Titanian Chronicles, #3) by Victoria Saccenti

Titanian Warrior
Titanian Chronicles, #3
Victoria Saccenti

High fantasy / Paranormal romance / Paranormal Fantasy
Publisher: Essence Publishing

Publication Date: January 24, 2023
Page count: 282 pages
ISBN: 979-8987432211

Publication Date: January 31, 2023
Page count: 315 pages




One woman holds the key to his destiny—and his people’s salvation. Hagen drags himself to the gates of Hell, body and soul shredded by the bloodlust that consumes all the unmated of his kind. Awaiting the painful atonement that will buy him ten more years to find his eternal mate—or face oblivion. But Hades himself kicks him out with the bloodlust still prowling, unsatisfied, in his veins.

Bargained away by her parents to Master O, a mysterious, cruel wizard, Faiza serves in his household, keeping her small magic a secret, plagued by wild, confusing visions of a strange, suffering man. Then the master brings home a wounded Titanian warrior whose touch sends ice, fire, and desire racing through her body.

When she learns Master O plans to use Hagen as a weapon to conquer all races, she devises a desperate plan to free him—a plan that opens a portal to a world she’s never known. And a destiny entwined with danger that could destroy them all.



The towering pair of boulders stood as gatekeepers and markers of the way. A steep path snaked between them until farther down the hill, the road disappeared in thick fog. Leaning on the closest rock, Hagen steadied himself to catch his breath, then pushed on.

Bloodlust crippled his Titanian vision. Still, he stumbled, rolled, and crawled over jagged rocks and gnarled roots with single-minded determination to reach his appointed meeting place, the cavern at the base of the Shivaliks, and the sole entrance to Hades’s domain on the earthly plane. A perverse satisfaction filled him each time he scraped and sliced his exposed skin, as this was only a precursor to the punishment he deserved. If he could shred his flesh to strips in anticipation as he had done with his clothes, so much the better.

Hagen advanced through the haze, seeking the deity’s promised signal. Images of his frenzy during the last skirmish prodded him. He strained past gore-filled images, and the effort paid off. There, deep within the haze, a faint red light marked the spot. Alecto had not forgotten. A hitched breath escaped his lungs as he stood and trod on a more secure step.

As the haze dissipated, the cavern’s hungry mouth gaped before him. Healing and deliverance acquired through pain would soon be his. As he inched closer to the wavering light, he removed the last remaining strips of clothing. The offering had to be bare and unadulterated. Nothing but skin would satisfy the Fury, purify his spirit, and postpone the horror of termination for another ten years—a mere blip in the lifespan of a Titanian.


5 stars!

Action, adventure, and high fantasy combine with ancient mythologies to create this epic paranormal romance. 

Titanian Warrior is the third book of the Titanian Chronicles by author Victoria Saccenti, and it is wonderful! With its exciting mix of mythologies and supernatural beings, the author has created a unique setting for an action-packed, emotionally satisfying fantasy and paranormal love story. 

This is Hagen’s story, and the book takes him from the deepest thrall of bloodlust, which descends on the Titanian who has gone too long without finding their eternal mate, to his redemption when he finally discovers his intended. Faiza, sold into servitude with her sister, Lilith, to a necromancer, is the book’s heroine. She is young and headstrong but cleverly maintains a humble façade around the evil mage to protect what she understands to be her little bit of magic. There is a twist. I found her empathic abilities fascinating and really liked when their use was mentioned in the story. 

As with Hagen’s visit to Hell when he’s in the throes of bloodlust, the descriptions of the situation for the sisters with the necromancer, well, anything to do with Oras, were horrifying; I got the creeps. Lilith’s transformation absolutely shocked me, and that was early on in the story. The author literally hits us in all our senses here. Master O is one heinous guy whom we can all despise.
However, from the minute Faiza and Hagen meet, I was completely captured by the chemistry between the two. He’s practically unconscious; he’s in such bad shape, and I was right there in the moment with Faiza, drawn to the poor damaged guy. Of course, their connection is more than just normal boy-meet-girl, and the feelings develop quickly. But they were so immediately good together! I was also pleased to see the established couples in the story and the glimpses into their pasts, beginnings, and backstories. 

With a satisfying love story that rescues and redeems and a compelling plot of good versus evil, I recommend THE TITANIAN WARRIOR to readers of fantasy and paranormal romance and fans of the previous novels is this excellent series.


Award-winning, multi-genre author Victoria Saccenti writes romantic women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. Not one for heart and flower stories, she explores the edgy twists and turns of human interaction, the many facets of love, and all possible happy endings. After thirty years of traveling the world, she’s settled in Central Florida. She splits her busy schedule between family and her active muse at Essence Publishing. However, if she could convince her husband to sell their home, she would pack up her computer and move to Scotland, a land she adores. On a side note, in one form or another, Scotland appears in most of her stories.

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