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Review Tour & Giveaway: The Group by Kevin R. Doyle


Kevin R. Doyle

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Publication Date: August 16, 2021
Page count: 268 pages



Sure, Ron Green had made a mistake, but it wasn't one that millions of other guys hadn't made before him. And maybe he deserved some sort of punishment, like his wife leaving him or his kids hating his guts. But this? Being the main suspect in a single murder was bad enough, but at the same time knowing he was a potential victim of a serial killer was even worse. However, before Green could convince the cops of his innocence, he first had to convince them the serial killer actually existed, and at the moment they weren't believing a thing he said.



Ron wondered, briefly, just how much they really knew. He’d kept his e-mails and phone calls to Diane to a minimum, and had made sure they never had their picture taken together. 

“Professor Green?” The woman interrupted his thoughts. 

“Do I need a lawyer?” He directed his question towards the woman, Detective Lipscomb. 

“Not as far as we’re concerned. We’re in the earliest stages of the investigation, naturally, and we just need some background information.” 

“How did you get my name?” 

“Hey, buddy,”—this from the guy at the door—”We’re the ones who’re supposed to be asking the questions, and you’re supposed to be—” 

“Jack, he asked a legitimate question. Mr. Green,” Lipscomb said, “what was your relationship with Miss Brewster?” 

 “None, lately,” Ron said. 

“But in the past?” 

“In the past we–hell, you have to know all this anyway. We were lovers.” 

“Are you married, Mr. Green?” 

“Yes,” he responded, looking at the female detective. 

“How long?” The guy. Ron looked his way. 

“Eight years.” 

“This your first affair?” The woman. 

“I really don’t see how that’s any of—” 

“It is our business,” said Hollis. “You want to answer or you want to get a lawyer?” 

 “Do I need one?” Ron felt as though on some sort of eternal merry-go-round, always returning to the same starting point. 

“You’re not a suspect.” The man. 

An unspoken “yet” seemed to hang in the air between the three of them.


5 stars!

THE GROUP is sure to keep readers guessing and turning pages!
The Group is another thrilling mystery tale from the talented pen of author Kevin R. Doyle, and it is sure to keep readers turning pages, anxiously looking for clues to what’s behind the murders, and surprised by its clever twists and turns.
The main character is Professor Ronald “Ron” Green, a family man in a troubled marriage made worse when his wife discovered he was cheating. Although they decided to try to get past his infidelity, in reality, the relationship was already too damaged to survive much longer anyway. The murder of Ron’s former lover and the police naming him a person of interest puts the couple’s private pain on display for all to see. The author perfectly captures the fragility of a marriage on the rocks, the prose exuding the feeling of “walking on eggshells” in every exchange, and that feeling quickly spills over into all aspects of Ron’s life once the police have him in their sights.
The story is tension-riddled and fast-paced, leaving little space for readers to catch their breath without putting the book down. The pressure on Ron steadily increases, much like the tightening of a noose, and just when I thought a certain revelation would remove the police’s focus from him, they flip the initial interpretation, which only implicates Ron further.
The story is told from multiple points of view, named and unnamed characters, including Ron and police detectives, so readers are privy to both perspectives of the investigation. The truth is revealed as the seemingly unconnected viewpoints finally converge.
The author’s writing style is comfortable and easy to read, with dashes of humor now and then that lighten the tension a bit. I was surprised by how quickly time passed and how much I’d read when I finally had to take a break.
With its intriguing, suspense-filled plot, flawed yet sympathetic characters, and mesmerizing storytelling, I recommend THE GROUP to mystery, thriller, and crime fiction readers.


A retired high-school teacher and former college instructor, Kevin R. Doyle is the author of numerous short horror stories. He’s also written four crime thrillers including The Group and The Anchor, and one horror novel, The Litter. In the last few years, he’s begun working on the Sam Quinton private eye series, published by Camel Press. The first Quinton book, Squatter’s Rights, was nominated for the 2021 Shamus award for Best First PI Novel.  The fourth Sam Quinton book, Clean Win, was released in March of 2023.


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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for reviewing and featuring this book today.

Amy Woolard said...

If you had to choose one item to have with you while writing, what would it be? Excluding pen, paper or computer of course lol.

Kevin R. Doyle said...

Thanks for taking part in this tour and thanks for your kind words regarding my work. I'm on the road right now, but will do my best to check in periodically for any questions.

Amy, I'd have to say the answer would be TV, as I tend to write in short bursts then relax for a while before doing another short burst.

traciem said...

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?

Kevin R. Doyle said...

Yes, I read all the reviews. Unlike a lot of people, though, I'm okay with bad reviews. Not everyone likes the same things, and in some cases when reviewers have pointed out flaws in my work, they're right. There are a few times where I have shaken my head because I felt someone completely missed the point about something, but again not everyone goes with the same flow. I most definitely don't respond to bad reviews, as that would just show a thin skin. The only time thing that really annoys me is when reading over a review it's clear that the person didn't even read the book. Not that they liked or didn't like but flat out didn't even read it. That kind of bums me out.