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Book Tour: Threads of a Needle by D.G. Zitting

Threads of a Needle
D.G. Zitting

A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Journey through Dimensional Probabilities

Fiction / Sci-Fi / Adventure / Futuristic / Thriller
Publisher: Elite Online Publishing
Publication Date: January 30, 2024

Immerse yourself in a near-future world on the brink of transformation in "Threads of a Needle." Follow Hope Valencia, a skilled PT-SOF agent for the League of Consciousness, as she embarks on a daring mission transcending the boundaries of time and space.

Advanced neurological technologies, now under the control of a dominant media conglomerate, manipulate humanity's belief systems, deviating from their original intent to advance human progress. At the heart of this narrative are Hope's parents, Dr. Gabriel Valencia, neurotechnologist, and Ella Valencia, whose monumental discovery of Trans-Dimensional Probability Threads unites consciousness with the physical realm, revealing a vast expanse of probable realities. This groundbreaking revelation paves the way for the Quantum Thought Dynamics-AI Protocol (QTD-AI), a technology that enables the digitization and manipulation of human thought processes.

Embark on a journey with Hope that challenges traditional understanding, unravels the very fabric of reality, and unveils hidden truths. "Threads of a Needle" not only narrates an enthralling tale but also invites you to reflect on the malleability of reality and the influential power of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in shaping the world around you. 



4 stars!

Creative, complex, and cinematic! 

Threads of a Needle by D.G. Zitting is a complex mix of speculative fiction and thriller. The story hits the ground running with an action-packed opening that would be right at home in a James Bond flick, and the cinematic feel does not end there. As I lost myself in the story, I continued to “see” the scenes and action play out as if watching a movie. 

The author’s writing style, while absolutely painting a picture, is not always easy reading, and there is a tendency for using acronyms before explaining what they represent. However, sometimes they could be ascertained from context. Though the formal language of the narrative may not appeal to all, readers who allow themselves to be swept up in the possibilities and the creative adventure are apt to discover some treasure.

About the Author

DG Zitting is a seasoned entrepreneur with a career spanning over three decades in real estate finance and financial technology. He has successfully led national business firms to significant achievements.

Beyond his thriving professional journey, Zitting's insatiable curiosity spans various domains, including science, technology, philosophy, psychology, and non-denominational spirituality. This lifelong quest for knowledge has unveiled profound insights into the greater reality of the world and universe.

What sets Zitting apart is his ability to translate this wisdom into both his personal life and business ventures, yielding resounding success. As a co-founder and leader of firms employing over two thousand individuals and achieving billions in sales volume objectives, Zitting attributes his accomplishments to transformative insights gained along his remarkable journey.

By infusing his knowledge into every facet of life, including business, family, friendships, hobbies, and passions, Zitting has created a distinct advantage in navigating life's intricate game. He has also established the BE+T=R Life Strategy (BETR), recognizing the pivotal role of beliefsconscious and subconsciousin shaping reality. This philosophy is elegantly summarized in his symbolic equation, BE+T=R, where Beliefs, Emotions, and Thoughts align to shape the probable thread of Reality, empowering others to choose the reality they wish to experience.


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