Sunday, February 03, 2019

Angel Blue (Seven Deadly Sins Season 1, Episode 3) by Jennifer Silverwood

Successfully freeing two Cursed prisoners, Odin and Charon, from the torture chamber/dungeon of the House of Gisnu, Anu returns to Wil in the secret, secluded cabin. Exhausted, she falls into his arms. While the intimate night means everything to Wil, the next morning she tells him that she will not be leaving with him but will instead return to the castle and her guardian, Etlu. Anu has always loved Etlu, and her plan is to convince him to run away from it all, and live out their days together. But Etlu has other plans.

Continuing the story where it left off in Episode 2, this installment brings to life the shared history of Anu and Etlu, and really fleshes out some of the other characters especially that of Wil’s sister, Isabol. As the story is presented from multiple points of view, we are able to get a much more solid picture of who they are, how they fit into the story, and their relationships with everyone else.

The plot is slow-building but with constant action as you begin to piece together this world and its history. Silverwood’s writing is vivid and exciting: you can feel the cold of the frigid Canadian north as well as the heat between Anu and Etlu.

This is not a standalone story. I can recommend the entire series so far with each episode read in sequence (and preferably with not a lot of time lag in between the reading of each!)

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