Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Fall (The Mutant Rain #2) by L.A. Frederick

Having found safety with a meager number of other survivors from New Hampton in an underground hideaway dubbed The Bunker, the mutants Connor, Reinhardt, Isaac, and Benjamin decide that their small number will be no match for the hordes of zombies or Dr. Zhirkov’s people. One after the other leaves to find more survivors and more mutants to supplement the group.

When they fail to return after 2 days, Aurora and Evaline head to New Hampton to find them leaving behind the weakest of the survivors and, unknown to them, one of Dr. Zhirkov’s secret moles. In the city, they meet up with a small group of survivors led by Detective Benjamin Farrow, Aurora’s former partner on the police force.

Integral to The Fall is the revelation of Dr. Zhirkov’s back story and that of his men, Vitaliy, Dmitri, and Victor. Readers get a much fuller picture of what Dr. Zhirkov is about and a better understanding of the extent of the mutation that is occurring throughout the world.

The Fall continues the highly imaginative and entertaining tale by L.A. Frederick which began in The Rain. Part horror, mystery, AND romance, it is a dystopian story that’s got everything. However, I recommend readers begin with The Rain (The Mutant Rain #1) as well as the Mutant Origins short stories before tackling The Fall.

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