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Grevy Danger (Kenya Kanga Mysteries, #1.5) by Victoria Tait

Grevy DangerGrevy Danger by Victoria Tait
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Along with her friends, Chloe and Thabiti, Mama Rose is participating in a project to document the numbers and locations of the endangered Grevy’s zebra, when she is called upon to render medical aid to another of the volunteers. The young woman had become violently ill during the night, but there was nothing Mama Rose could do, and she tragically succumbed to whatever had caused her reaction. Only days later, the young woman’s older sister, also a volunteer on the project, experiences sudden seizures while at the closing banquet, and she, too, swiftly passes away.

With no signs of violence and the whisper of a possible drug interaction, the deaths are determined to be of natural causes. But when Mama Rose overhears a suspicious conversation between the older sister’s husband and a pal and recalls the man messing around with a deadly Desert Rose plant, she puts herself in the way of the two men getting away with murder.

Grevy Danger is a novella occurring about a month after the events of Fowl Murder, book 1 in the Kenya Kanga Mysteries by Victoria Tait. Mama Rose is still extremely active as a para-vet, and Craig, her disabled husband, has good days and bad. Many of the characters introduced in the previous book make an appearance and seem to have settled into a more established relationship with Rose and Craig. I really liked that Thabiti is doing well and regularly comes to spend time with Craig while Rose is out ministering to her animal patients or helping Dr. Emma at her animal pharmacy in the town of Nanyuki. I’m glad the bad guys get their just desserts.

I recommend Grevy Danger to those that read and enjoyed Fowl Murder, and this novella is currently available for free through the author’s website at

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