Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Secret Santa Mystery (Highland Horse Whisperer, #0) by Roz Marshall

The Secret Santa Mystery (Highland Horse Whisperer, #0)The Secret Santa Mystery by Roz Marshall
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At the annual bank Christmas gathering, Izzy Paterson’s Secret Santa gift includes a cryptic riddle hinting that someone at Bleubank is siphoning off vast amounts of cash: enough cash to make a difference in Bleubank’s solvency. The next week at work, Izzy, the lead IT security analyst, gets the assignment to track down the high-tech thief.

What a great introduction to Izzy and other characters that play a significant role in the Highland Horse Whisperer series! The writing was excellent, the story flowed, and the characters came alive for me. The equestrian theme is interesting and maintains just the right balance with the mystery as not to overwhelm the reader. The mystery was solid, and its resolution really sets the stage for why Izzy and her friend, Trinity, are heading to new jobs at the actual start of the series. The series has a great backstory, and this is a very generous background prequel.

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