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NBTM Virtual Tour & Giveaway: My Career Journal by Fatemah Mirza, CareerTuners

Fatemah Mirza

Publisher: CareersTuners
Publication Date: January 12, 2024
Page count: 242 pages



Are you seeking to enhance your career and significantly increase your salary? 'My Career Journal' by CareerTuners is your guide to achieving these goals. This practical workbook, enriched with insights from my 13+ years as a career and salary coach, is tailored for individuals at any career stage - whether you are just starting or looking to make major changes.

In 'My Career Journal', you will: 

- Set clear, achievable career goals with defined weekly, monthly, and quarterly milestones.

- Track and record your accomplishments, laying the groundwork for salary negotiations.

- Build and refine a professional portfolio that showcases your strengths and achievements. 

The strategies in this workbook have been refined through my extensive experience and continual input from over 3,000 recruiter partners. This is how I have empowered marketing leaders to approach their promotion plans with renewed vigor. 

'My Career Journal' is especially for those: 

- Who are deeply creative and have great ideas they are eager to put into motion.

- Committed to changing their job search strategies.

- Who aspire to align their career success with making a meaningful difference in their field, using their work as a platform for positive change. 

The workbook encourages you to take action and think creatively to overcome professional challenges. It is designed not just for planning but for doing. By working through 'My Career Journal,' you will rediscover the passion that drives your career success and be equipped to double your salary through strategic planning and execution. Dive into this journal to take control of your career journey and propel yourself towards greater achievements.



Today, we welcome author/speaker/career coach, Fatemah Mirza, to discuss how her book, MY CAREER JOURNAL, can help with salary negotiation!

Why is it important to negotiate salary? How the journal will help in doing so.

Why it is important to negotiate salary? How the journal will help in doing so.

Salary negotiation has the potential to influence your current earnings, career advancement, long-term financial trajectory, and — most importantly — job satisfaction. 

Unlike promotions, which come with increased responsibilities and higher expectations, a successful salary negotiation can boost your income with no addition to the amount of work or expectations. 

Because of my experience as a hiring manager and a career coach, I understand the intricacies of both worlds and the importance of strategic salary negotiation. 

        You might be met with interpersonal resistance. Don't worry - these situations are designed to test you and your negotiating mettle.

        You'll have to provide examples of how your skillset results in contributions that benefit your employer. Bring any documentation that can help you advocate for yourself.

        And finally — build a concrete plan before stepping into the negotiation. Have a specific amount in mind. Understand what the job should pay for a person with your abilities. 

However, negotiating salary can be uncomfortable for some people, as it may feel like a confrontation or a challenge to your employer’s assessment of your worth. But not negotiating can also cost you. 

When you negotiate salary, you’re not just negotiating the number that will appear on your next paycheck. Taking less than you deserve can hurt your performance and even your mental well-being. 

However, the worst thing you can do is impulsively schedule a salary negotiation appointment with your supervisor without a plan A, B, or C. Throughout the years, I've worked closely with many recruiter partners, gaining valuable experience as a certified interview, salary, and career coach, and recently, I even guided a client to an astonishing $70,000 salary increase. 

Now, I'm excited to share my expertise through my very own career planner — "My Career Journal", designed specifically to encourage you to critically evaluate your current situation, plan for the future, and translate your creative energy into actionable steps. 

And one of my favorite parts of "My Career Journal" is the salary negotiation section. This section empowers you with the skill and strategic mindset to navigate your future salary negotiations successfully. After completing it, you'll be well-prepared to articulate your value and secure desirable terms regarding salary, perks, and overall compensation. 

        The salary information section: List everything you know about your current salary, pay band, benefits, and perks. Research whether your current salary aligns with your true worth in the market.

        The salary goals section: After sufficient research, you can begin to Visualize your salary goals, including your target salary, industry benchmarks, walkaway figure, and desired benefits.

        My exclusive salary negotiation checklist: a list of dos and don'ts for negotiating your salary. Use it to advocate for yourself during the negotiation process. 

Many thanks for this enlightening guest post!


Fatemah Mirza is a Certified Resume Master and a highly sought-after speaker and coach who helps ambitious job seekers find higher-paying, more fulfilling jobs. She’s been helping job seekers since 2010 when she founded CareerTuners, which is a small team of skilled professionals from various industries who specialize in providing professional resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and many more career-related services to help ambitious people land their dream jobs and achieve career goals.She has created free resources that have seen more than 160,000 downloads, helped hundreds of clients increase their pay, and built a network of more than 3000 recruiters.


Fatemah Mirza will award a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner.


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