Friday, October 25, 2013

Romance, mystery, teen angst, and ZOMBIES!

Just had the pleasure of reading Out of Darkness (The Starborn Saga #1) by Jason D. Morrow. This is a great story set in a time at least 60 years after society as we know it is destroyed. Humans huddle together for safety from the marauding “greyskins” in isolated villages or concentrated in cities protected by skilled guards under the direction of the powerful, Jeremiah. Mora leaves her grandmother and younger brother, Jake, in her besieged village, Springhill, to seek out and negotiate protection with Jeremiah. Along the way she encounters the brothers, Connor and Aaron, in a protected city of Salem, and discovers new abilities within herself. Additionally, secrets regarding the “greyskins” and the death of her parents are revealed. The story has everything: romance, mystery, horror, engaging characters, an entertaining story, secrets hidden and secret revealed, teen angst, and zombies. I loved it, and look forward to the next volumes in the series: If It Kills Me(The Starborn Saga #2) and Even in Death (The Starborn Sage #3).

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