Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Short, but oh so good!

Just read Fifty/Fifty, a short story collection by Belfast author, Matthew W. McFarland which I received in return for an honest review. SCORE! Comprised of 11 vastly different short stories, each shared a couple of common bonds; they were clever, entertaining, and smooth, smooth, smooth. Several of the phrases he used continue to stick with me out of the sheer delight I experienced when reading them – “Fir missile” and “special robot socks which make him go fast” are two in particular. I loved both for the visual imagery invoked but also for the connection I had with them (I’m a mother of 3 boys.) The author mentions in an Afterword that “Some of the stories in this collection are complete fiction, and some are closer to reality than you might imagine.” I’d love to know more about which are which. Complaint? I’ve finished reading them for that first time! I already know that this will be my new “share” book to talk about with family, friends, and strangers after we’ve exhausted the weather situation.

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