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Book Tour & Giveaway: Code of Reanimation by Lanie Mores

Code of Reanimation
Spin-off of the Father of Contention series
Lanie Mores

Paranormal Thriller / Science Fiction / Horror
Publication Date: November 14, 2023
Page count: 304 pages


Freedom is a state of mind.

Brigita Nowak has only ever wanted one thing—her freedom. Labelled psychotic and committed to a mental institution at seventeen, she missed the chance of a “normal” life. She never held a job, owned her own place, or experienced love. Until now.

After awakening sprawled on the common room floor—the hospital in ruins, the staff and patients missing—she realizes it’s her chance to escape. Seeking sanctuary with her sister, she meets “the boyfriend” Renner Scholz, a vile yet brilliant geneticist. He has developed a bioweapon, the Code of Reanimation, destined to destroy the world. Or so Brigita believes. She’s been seeing zombie hallucinations as of late, a sure premonition of the highly contagious bioweapon getting out of hand. Why the connection? Because the bioweapon reanimates dead organisms into bloodthirsty killing machines.

Brigita has typically experienced death-based hallucinations, blamed on her mental illness. She, however, always felt they were psychic premonitions. Convinced that Renner intends to release the bioweapon at a public fundraising event, she teams up with a handsome love interest to thwart the catastrophe. But, as Brigita’s visions kick into hyperdrive and timelines blur, she must determine which events are based on reality or delusional constructs of her subconscious mind...before it’s too late.


Brigita’s blood boiled. Never had she detested someone so strongly—especially in such a short time. They travelled the rest of the distance in heated silence. After Renner decelerated in front of the apartment building, Brigita burst out of the car and dashed up the stairs, ecstatic to be free of his company… but he had other plans. He parked the car and killed the engine.

Drawing uncomfortably close behind her as she fumbled with the lock, he pushed her inside the instant the door opened. After stepping inside, he locked the door behind them.
“Where’s your medication?” he demanded, face grim, immovable.
Fear caused the hairs on her arms to stand on end. “I was planning on taking it at night. It makes me groggy,” she stammered. 

“You’re taking it now.” 

“But I don’t want to!”

“Brigita, I can stay here all day, if you’d like. I won’t leave until you oblige.”
Was he telling the truth? If she took her dose, would he leave? Or would he stay, her rendered weak and controllable by the medication?
After considerable thought, she went to the bathroom and returned with her pill bottle. Renner read the label, nodded, then poured two pills from the container onto his palm. Passing them to Brigita, she dry-swallowed them, acquiescing to another day of being weakened against the evil forces, unable to see them and protect her or Milena from their tricks.
Done taking her meds, she waited for Renner to leave, but he plunked down on the living room sofa, crossed his long, athletic legs on the coffee table, and clicked on the television.

Panic fluttered in her chest like a wild bird trapped in an attic. Escaping to the spare bedroom, she barricaded the door with a wooden bookcase. A sensation washed over her—déjà vu—yet it wasn’t her, but a bruised and beaten Milena barricading the door in a parallel situation. Foreshadowing? Strangely, this felt like it had already come to pass. Which made no sense, but her mind had grown fuzzy as grogginess swiftly crept in. The meds doing their job.

Would she be safe inside her room until Milena returned from work? She sure hoped so because her eyes were refusing to stay open, leaving her defenseless.


4 stars!

A thrilling storyline with frightening concepts made all the more alarming because of the past pandemic.

Code of Reanimation is a science fiction horror novel and a spin-off from author Lanie Mores’s earlier work, Father of Contention; however, this new book can easily be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone. With its creative and frightening plot, made all the more alarming by the world’s recent experience with a viral pandemic and its associated rumors, I was thoroughly absorbed into this very cinematic story from page one. 

Brigita Nowak is the engaging, sympathetic, but somewhat unreliable main character of the story. She is plagued by horrific and uncontrollable visions and has a tragic history of treatment for mental illness. The story reveals that the women of her family, including her sister, had the gift of sight, though the topics of each woman’s visions varied greatly from one to another. While her sister, Milena, had insight into matters of love and romance, all Brigita saw were premonitions of death and dying. Besides this cursed gift, her parents had her committed to a psychiatric hospital when she was seventeen rather than trying to help her develop coping mechanisms or rules for handling the awful knowledge these visions of the future handed her. Brigita is at this hospital for the story’s riveting opening, the place a shambles, and all the staff and other patients inexplicably missing. 

Now, Brigita’s only living relative is her beyond-beautiful sister, Milena, who has been working two jobs to pay Brigita’s medical expenses. She obviously loves her sister but is completely enamored of Dr. Renner Scholz, to whom she has recently become engaged. She, too, has visions but has allowed herself to be convinced that Brigita’s are a symptom of her schizophrenia rather than true foresight. While I thought the diabolic Dr. Scholz was a bit cartoonish and Milena was too conveniently in his thrall, Brigita does have a well-done ally in her next-door neighbor and boss, Amir. The chemistry between these two is fabulous, and I was all in on their relationship developing into a romance. 

The intriguing storyline is bolstered even more with twists and turns in the plot. Scenes are described so well that they feel cinematic. For those sensitive to such matters, be warned that there are some vividly detailed descriptions of horrible science experiments and decomposing zombies sprinkled throughout the text. 

The story is truly good versus evil, with edge-of-your-seat excitement, shockingly realistic horror, and some nicely done love scenes. I recommend CODE OF REANIMATION to readers of science fiction horror, zombie stories, and medical experimentation gone awry.


Lanie Mores is the award-winning author of the science fiction and fantasy book series, Father of Contention. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and she is an active member of the Canadian Authors Association. When she isn't writing, you'll find her reading, binge-watching Netflix, baking, and slaughtering zombies and other monsters on her Xbox. She lives in Ontario with her family and forever barking fur babies, Batman and Petri.


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