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Virtual BookTour & Giveaway: A Match Made in Murder (Clover City Files, #3) by Barbara Howard


A Match Made in Murder
The Clover City Files
Barbara Howard

Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Setting – Fictional small town, Clover City (Mid-West, USA)
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 14, 2024
Paperback page count: 134 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8224039555 / Digital ASIN: B0CR44LMBR




"In the heart of Clover City, love is a grand affair orchestrated by matchmaker extraordinaire, Fiona Murphy. But this Valentine's Day, her twelve perfect weddings become a chilling mystery. As the Boat House restaurant transforms from a haven of romance to a crime scene, 'A Match Made in Murder' unveils a tale where love and betrayal intermingle, and uncovering the truth becomes the ultimate act of love."

In the heart of the charming town of Clover City, matchmaker extraordinaire, Fiona Murphy, is renowned for orchestrating love stories that culminate in dreamy weddings. This Valentine's Day, she's outdone herself by arranging twelve weddings in a grand celebration at the upscale Boat House restaurant, where love is on the menu and bliss is in the air.

Among the attendees is Fiona’s efficient and loyal assistant, eager to ensure everything runs smoothly. There's also an unexpected guest—Fiona’s charismatic yet enigmatic ex-husband, whose presence adds a layer of complexity to the festivities.

However, as the festivities kick off, a hushed realization sweeps through the gathering—someone is conspicuously absent. The joyous occasion takes a dark turn when a lifeless body is discovered, casting a shadow over the day meant for love and celebration. Suddenly, the Boat House transforms from a haven of romance to a crime scene, and everyone present becomes a suspect.

With the victim silenced forever, secrets, grudges, and long-buried emotions rise to the surface. The task of unraveling the twisted threads of this romantic tragedy falls into the hands of the local patrons, as the Boat House becomes a stage for a mystery where the appetizer is suspicion, the main course is intrigue, and the dessert is justice.

Bonus: Recipes included.




Claire poured the tea with precision, the amber liquid swirling in tiny hypnotic waves. As they settled into their places, the conversation turned to the upcoming holiday.

"Valentine's Day always brings a touch of romance, doesn't it?" Claire said, a twinkle in her eye. "Do you have any special plans, my dear?"

Amira's gaze drifted towards the window, where the winter sun cast a silver hue on the snow-covered trees and thought of the plans for Darius' next business trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. "Not this year, but I've always dreamed of having someone special to share it with. You know, a romantic dinner, maybe cuddled up under a blanket on a carriage ride under the stars..."

Claire nodded. "Ah, the allure of love. It's a beautiful thing. Have you ever thought about what kind of love story you'd like to have? And with whom?"

Amira's eyes shifted into a dreamy gaze. "I imagine it would be something out of a classic novel—a slow-burning romance, filled with laughter, sharing our dreams, and kisses that take my breath away." She let out a long, dramatic sigh and giggled.

Claire gave a knowing look. "Your desire sounds lovely. But it doesn't sound like something Darius would entertain." Her teacup poised an inch from her mouth. "Or I could be wrong."

"No," Amira let out a deep sigh. She added a drop of cream to her tea and fixated on stirring it in a slow figure eight. "You're not wrong. Actually, Miss Claire, I've switched my office hours so that we're never in the same room together. I keep the office running, but we only communicate through text and email. It doesn't seem to matter, as long as the business is successful. It's all he really cares about, it seems." She lifted her spoon and looked into Claire's face, holding back tears. "We both know that it's over, but we can't seem to end it."

"Well, you must," Claire said, her gaze unwavering and voice resolute. "It's time to move on." A slight curve inched along the edge of her lips. "To Lionel, I think."

"Oh, I–" Amira gasped. "I don't–"

"Don't what?" Claire lowered her cup and patted Amira's cheek. "You don't like him?"

"No," Amira wiped her face with the monogrammed linen napkin, hoping to cool the heat of embarrassment. "I do like him, Miss Claire. I mean, he's–"

"Your ideal match." Claire said, her face beaming.

"He's a friend of Darius." Amira returned to her teacup and inhaled. "So, he's out of bounds."

"You young people will be the death of me. Why do you make everything so complicated? Oh, I forgot the biscuits." Claire tossed up her hands and walked into the pantry. "There's a brand-new tin in here somewhere."

Amira watched with a smirk on her face. She knew Claire was trying to "fix" her life, but she was right. Sometimes things are more complicated than they should be. If she were honest, her curiosity regarding Claire's relationship with Chef Dak was far more interesting. Since they reunited, the couple had kept a low profile, and everyone respected their privacy. However, she had so many questions bubbling inside that she could almost burst.

"I was thinking about trying a dating service." Amira called out as she unfolded the newspaper. "If I could afford it, I would hire a Sparkz matchmaker. People say it's worth the price because Miss Fiona's got a perfect record." She chuckled. "I guess that's why she's so rich."

A commotion echoed from the pantry, followed by a resonant crash. Claire emerged and walked over to Amira. Bending down, she peered into her eyes.

"Don't ever go near that woman. I can't have you–Just stay away from her."


Barbara Howard is an author of mystery stories featuring a female amateur sleuth, diverse characters, and a dash of romance. Barbara Howard is the author of two cozy mystery series; Finding Home and The Clover City Files. Her stories feature a female amateur sleuth, diverse characters, and a dash of romance. She is a first-generation tech geek turned master gardener. Ms. Howard returned to her Midwestern hometown after an extensive career as a Department of Defense Project Manager at the Pentagon, KPMG Eastern Region Project Leader, and Corporate Sales Representative for Borders Books & Music. She now spends most of her time treasure hunting, spoiling her fur-babies, growing veggies, and plotting whodunits. 


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Barbara Howard said...

Thank you for introducing me to your community. I hope you enjoy reading about Amira and Harper.

Karen said...

You are so welcome! Thanks for visiting the blog. Looking forward to reading the entire series!